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Welcome to Ajna Capital, where innovation meets investment in the exciting realm of Web3 startups. At the heart of our mission is a dynamic partnership – we don’t just invest, we co-build.
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We have built companies from scratch so

We know the struggle

We’ve forged our own path in the crypto arena, establishing successful ventures from the ground up. This first-hand experience equips us with a unique understanding of the challenges and triumphs inherent in the entrepreneurial journey within the crypto space.

Guaranteed 7-day funding.

Your Time Matters to Us

Unlike traditional VC approaches, we respect your time — you won’t be kept waiting. With us, you’re assured of a swift decision, and if we decide to partner, funding is guaranteed by the end of the 7th day.
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Just one criteria -

Exceptional Founders.

We have a single criterion for consideration – exceptional founders. Whether you’re embarking on this journey solo or with a team, we value your zeal, hard work, and determination to revolutionize the crypto landscape.

Exceptional founders come from

anywhere with any background

Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. With locations across two continents, we ease the pathway to entrepreneurship so more talented people in all corners of the globe can start problem-solving companies.
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We are actively seeking builders who harbor a keen interest in crypto or are presently engaged in the development of a crypto product. In our quest for exceptional talent, we specifically seek out the outliers within the crypto space. We are on the lookout for founders who not only express a profound commitment to making a significant impact in the crypto realm but are also unwaveringly determined to construct something truly transformative.
Beyond financial backing, participants in our program are enriched with invaluable mentorship from accomplished founders deeply entrenched in the industry. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive education facilitated by domain experts, covering crucial topics essential for navigating the intricate startup landscape. An integral aspect of our program involves collaborative building, allowing participants to work alongside a curated cohort of founders who share similar entrepreneurial journeys.
Absolutely. Even for companies that have successfully secured seed funding, the Comprehensive Startup Support (CSS) program remains highly advantageous. The program’s intrinsic value predominantly stems from its non-financial components, making it a valuable resource beyond mere capital infusion.
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